Conference & Convention Services

  • All aspects of conferences and conventions.
  • RFP's custom- designed, prepared, and submitted on your behalf.
  • Complete negotiations- unlike others, we negotiate EVERYTHING YOU NEED as a package before YOU sign any committments, including room rates, food and beverage, Audio Visual, Exhibit Space, Meeting Rooms, etc.
  • Complete Travel planning available.
  • Services available either a la carte. or as a complete package (YOUR choice)
  • Fair and reasonable costs
  • Our services will SAVE you money!
  • EXPERIENCED - Travel, conference, convention, exhibit, negotiation expertise and experience.
  • Any size group from 25 people to thousands.

REMEMBER, you NEED everything in writing, in advance, to assure yourself the best possible deal!

Negotiating is a SPECIAL skill - you NEED a seasoned professional!

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