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When you hire a consultant, you NEED to feel confident that you are hiring the RIGHT person for your NEEDS!
RGB Consultation Services Senior Consultant Richard Brody has over 30 years experience and expertise in BOTH the for- profit and not- for- profit sectors.

Mr. Brody has:
  • Appeared on over 200 radio and television programs
  • Written a book,had print magazine articles published, and hundreds of online articles
  • Owned and managed businesses, and consulted extensively re business, finance, management
  • Served as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Division Coordinator, Manager, Supervisor, Development Director, Board Member, Corporate Executive
  • Marketed and sold
  • Developed sales and marketing training programs, and expanded businesses
  • Run Board training, served on Boards- Member, Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Organized all aspects of meetings, conferences, conventions, events- Expert Negotiator
  • Opened, developed and trained personnel for new offices
  • Created turn-key operations
  • Created new marketing programs and expanded and refined existing ones
  • Created PowerPoint Presentations
  • Developed training programs
  • Conducted sales and marketing training
  • Created and analyzed budgets
  • Developed and overseen marketing and ad campaigns
  • Acted as a Company Spokesperson
  • Richard Brody's motto: "I'll tell you what you NEED to know, NOT just what you want to hear!"

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Management Needs; Marketing Needs: Real Estate Needs: Financial and Budgeting; Sales Training; Board Training; Organizational Analysis; Seminars; Presentations. For any and all Real Estate Needs (Buying, Selling, Renter, Rentee, Real Estate Property Management, please visit my real estate website, www.portwashingtonlongislandhouses.com.

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